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body armor possession Charged in Wisconsin? Lawyer up.

It is legal to own body armor in Wisconsin if you have not been previously convicted of a felony. If a felon is convicted of possession of body armor, the penalty could reach $100,000 and/or a 25-year prison term.

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Overview of Wisconsin Statute 941.291: Possession Of Body Armor

In Wisconsin, it is perfectly legal to buy and use a bulletproof vest or other body armor as long as you haven’t been convicted of a felony. There is no ID or background check required, nor is any record keeping needed.
Wisconsin law does not hold retailers responsible for verifying if a buyer is legally able to purchase body armor, but instead holds buyers responsible for knowing if they’re legally able to make the purchase. Statute 941.291 outlines situations in which a convicted felon can request a complete or partial exemption from a prohibition on buying and using body armor.
The statute outlines additional felony convictions that can accrue if a bulletproof vest is worn during a felony or attempted felony, and the resulting additional prison time.

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What are the Penalties for Possession of Body Armor in Milwaukee and Madison?

Possession of body armor by a convicted felon in Wisconsin is considered a felony under state law. Even if you were convicted of a prior felony outside of Wisconsin, you can still be charged maximum penalties for possession of body armor in Milwaukee or Madison. Without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you could face up to 25 years of imprisonment and a fine up to $100,000.

Possession of body armor by a convicted felon in Wisconsin includes wearing, owning or having bulletproof clothing on your person or property, including:

  • Bulletproof vests
  • Bulletproof jackets
  • Bulletproof helmets
  • Bulletproof face masks
  • Bulletproof pants
  • Bulletproof shirts
  • Bulletproof suits

If you were charged with possession of any of these items, contact Grieve Law immediately for a free phone consultation. Our Madison and Milwaukee criminal defense lawyers will look at the evidence against you and build a strong case to refute any evidence that may be improperly obtained or considered circumstantial.

Criminal Defense Law Firm in Milwaukee and Madison Gets Possession of Body Armor Charges Reduced or Dropped

Our Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys know the ins and outs of all laws related to possession of body armor in Milwaukee and Madison, including requests for complete or partial exemption from prohibition. We combine this knowledge with a fierce examination of all evidence to build the best case to get your felony charges reduced or dropped.

If you’re facing charges for possession of body armor by a convicted felon in Madison or Milwaukee, contact the Wisconsin criminal defense attorneys at Grieve Law for a free phone consultation.

In Wisconsin, how long does a Body Armor charge stay on your record?

Owning just 1 bullet proof vest could violate Wisconsin laws against owning body armor, and if charged of body armor possession, it could be on your record for life.

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