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What is an SR-22?

SR-22 Auto Insurance WisconsinAn SR-22 is a form that certifies you have sufficient insurance when you are considered a high-risk driver, such as after an OWI. Your insurance provider submits the SR-22 to the DMV.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, the judge may order you to carry an SR-22. You will then contact an insurance agent who will assist you. The DMV will receive the SR-22 and keep it on file for the necessary period of time.

Can I submit the SR-22 Form Myself?

Please note that you cannot submit the SR-22 to the DMV yourself. This is not allowed in order to prevent fraud – you must go through an insurance company. This can present a problem, because in some cases your provider may cancel your policy if you have a DUI on your record. In this situation, you will have to shop around for another provider.

Some insurance companies’ marketing suggests that “SR-22” is a type of insurance. This causes confusion because the term properly refers to the certificate, not the insurance. What those companies are offering is a type of insurance geared toward high-risk drivers, typically at a much higher rate. Companies offering “SR-22 insurance” are also letting you know that they will file the SR-22 with the DMV.

Unfortunately, having a DUI on your record may cause your insurance rates to increase steeply, whether or not the plan you purchase is explicitly advertised as “SR-22 insurance.” The way to avoid this is to keep your DUI off your record by fighting it in court.

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