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I got a DUI in Wisconsin with a Michigan driver's license. Now what?

What happens after your Wisconsin DUI conviction

Wisconsin DUI Michigan License penalties fines

Fines & penalties for an OWI with a Michigan License

Michigan drivers convicted of a DUI in Wisconsin will suffer penalties in both states. First offense penalties include fines and license revocation in Wisconsin and Michigan.If you refused a breathalyzer, or tested at 0.08 or higher, there is usually a 10 day response deadline to request a hearing on the suspension or revocation of your operating privileges. If your license is revoked, it is usually a revocation period of 6-9 months and roughly a $150 greater than maximum fine. You may also receive penalties from Michigan. 

Without the guidance of an experienced DUI attorney, your penalties increase. Milwaukee DUI lawyer Tom Grieve explains four things that happen after a Wisconsin DWI conviction with a Michigan license – and how you can avoid it.


 You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted®

1. You will receive Michigan penalties for your Wisconsin drunk driving charges.

Michigan will find out about your Wisconsin DWI. Since Wisconsin is not part of the Interstate Compact, your drunk driving charges will be uploaded to a nationwide data base. If not earlier, your DWI will be discovered when you renew your driver’s license.

If convicted, Michigan will revoke your driver’s license for one year. Additional penalties include obtaining SR-22 insurance and attending DUI classes.

2. You will lose Wisconsin driving privileges.

Wisconsin DUI penalties may include the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle and a period of license revocation. If you do not have a Wisconsin license, you will not be eligible for an occupational license in Wisconsin during this revocation period. You may face additional criminal charges if you drive during this period. When it’s time to reinstate your license, you may be required to pay fees and complete DUI classes.DUI Wisconsin Michigan License fines penalties sentencing

3. Reinstating your Michigan driver’s license will be difficult.

Michigan will not automatically reinstate your driver’s license after a Wisconsin DUI conviction. Reinstating your license will be dependent on a variety of factors, including:

  • Review by a hearing officer
  • Completion of the revocation period
  • Completion of DUI classes within 6 months of conviction
  • Payment of a $500 reinstatement fee
  • SR-22 insurance obtained and maintained for the next 3 years

After meeting the above requirements, your Michigan license may be reinstated.

4. Your 1st DWI is a criminal offense in every state – except Wisconsin.

Your first DWI in Wisconsin is not considered a criminal offense. In Michigan every other state, a first offense DWI is a criminal offense. A 2nd offense DWI or higher is a criminal conviction in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin DUI Attorney for Out of State DUI Charges

The drunk driving defense attorneys at Grieve Law have successfully helped Michigan clients reduce or drop DUI charges in Wisconsin. Penalties for drunk driving in Wisconsin are increasing steadily, making it progressively more difficult to reinstate your Michigan or Wisconsin license. Our Milwaukee DUI lawyers are known for fiercely negotiating to decrease penalties for our clients. 

Get a free case assessment from the best DUI law firm in Milwaukee – contact Grieve Law today.

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