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Concealed Weapon Charges in Wisconsin: You Might Be Surprised by What is Considered “Concealed”

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When is your weapon concealed?

In Wisconsin, it is illegal to carry a weapon concealed on your person or in your car without a valid concealed carry permit. Some forms of concealment are obvious: if your shirt covers your gun in its holster at your waist, it is concealed. If your gun is in your purse or in the glove box or center console of your car, it is concealed. If your weapon is not completely visible to those around you, it is concealed.

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You may not have meant to conceal the weapon.

Concealed Weapon Charge WisconsinSome forms of concealment are less obvious. If your weapon is on the passenger seat of your car, it may be concealed. Someone sitting in their car next to you would not be able to see your weapon from where they are sitting if it is on the passenger seat of your car, below the window level. Therefore, your weapon could be considered concealed. Additionally, if your shirt falls and covers a portion of your firearm on your waist, it could also be concealed.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon is a class A misdemeanor in Wisconsin, punishable by up to 9 months in jail and a $10,000 fine. A conviction on this type of charge can have significant consequences on your future.

Related weapon charges include:

 You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted ®

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By: Attorney Tom Grieve on 03/06/2020

Tom Grieve is a former prosecutor who now runs a successful Wisconsin criminal defense law firm with offices in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Madison. If are facing new charges initial phone consultations are free: contact online or call 262-786-7100.

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