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Milwaukee Drug Lawyer

Aside from DUI/DWI/OWI defense, Tom Grieve is experienced as a Milwaukee drug lawyer. Tom provides drug defense for Schedule 1 controlled substances through Schedule 5 controlled substances. The most common type of substances Tom deals with include Marijuana (weed), Cocaine (coke) and Heroin. Many clients seeking a Milwaukee drug lawyer have been charged with possession of marijuana or THC, possession of heroin or possession of oxycodone (Oxy). However, Tom also deals with clients who have been charged with intent to deliver a controlled substance, including intent to deliver marijuana, intent to deliver cocaine and intent to deliver heroin.

If you’ve been charged with possession of a controlled substance or intent to deliver a controlled substance, you need the best drug lawyer in Milwaukee. Tom Grieve is an award winning Milwaukee criminal defense attorney experienced in DUI charges and drug charges. Tom is well known and respected by his clients and legal peers for his powerful defenses and ability to get charges reduced or dropped entirely.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug related offense, you need to act fast and smart. The best thing you can is to retain the best drug lawyer in Milwaukee. The more time we have to build your defense the greater chance you have to beat the life-altering consequences you’re facing.

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Charged With

THC Possession

THC with Intent to Distribute

Possession of Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs with Intent to Distribute

Cocaine Posession

Cocaine with Intent to Distribute

Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place

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