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Percocet possession Wisconsin Fines, Penalties, & Dealing Consequences

According to Wisconsin drug laws, unlawful possession of prescription Percocet could result in a Class I felony, with penalties that include up to a $10,000 fine, 3.5 years in prison or both.

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Tom Grieve successfully handles cases of misdemeanor possession and felony intent to distribute Percocet and other prescription pills in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you or a loved one faces drug charges, trust the award-winning drug defense lawyer known for getting charges reduced or even dropped. If you are unsure about which class your charges fall under, learn more about Class U misdemeanors in WI. When facing drunk driving charges in Wisconsin, call Grieve Law for a winning lawyer. Learn more about the penalties for OWI's in Wisconsin.

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In Wisconsin, how long does a Percocet charge stay on your record?

Illegal possession of Percocet in Wisconsin could result in a 3.5 year prison term if convicted, and the charges alone could remain on your record for life.

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