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Is There Really an “OWI Insurance Trick?”

Auto Insurance OWINo. You may be eligible for discounts based on other criteria, but there is no real OWI (or DUI) insurance trick.

When you are convicted of a DUI, insurance companies may consider you to be a high-risk driver, even if you have never had an accident before. Auto insurance providers differ with how they will handle your policy. Some will increase your rates, perhaps by thousands of dollars. Others will cancel your policy altogether. Understandably, many people facing that situation will look for a trick or a loophole to keep their rates low.

In reality, there is no simple “trick” to rescuing your finances when you have had a DUI. However, you may qualify for certain discounts on your insurance. For example, your provider may be more favorable if you can keep your driving record clean for five years, if you are over 55, if you enroll in driver safety courses, or if your car is equipped with certain features, such as anti-lock brakes.

Regardless of the above discounts, though, a DUI may still result in high insurance rates for years. The best “trick” to avoiding this increase is to keep the DUI off your record to begin with.

You Are Guilty Only if Proven Guilty

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95% of DUI first offenders do not bother to get a lawyer. Maybe they feel that there is no possible way to win their case. But this is not true! Drunk driving laws are complex, and the police are required to follow very specific procedures when pulling you over and administering tests. Let our DUI attorneys at Grieve Law examine your case and provide you with an aggressive criminal defense. Even a first DUI charge is no minor matter. The real “OWI Insurance Trick” is to let an experienced lawyer fight for your rights and keep your record clean.

Call or email Milwaukee’s DUI attorneys today to help you keep your driving record clean.

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