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Wisconsin Occupational License Eligibility

When your license gets suspended or revoked, you will need an occupational license in order to drive during that suspension or revocation period. The first thing you will need is SR-22 insurance through your car insurance company. This is also known as High Risk Insurance. You will need proof of this insurance to present at the DMV when you go to apply for your occupational license.

Eligibility for Occupational License after OWI

Wisconsin Occupational License EligibilityDepending on your reason for suspension or revocation, you may not be immediately eligible for an occupational license. If your license is suspended as part of an administrative suspension by the Department of Transportation, you will be immediately eligible. If you are revoked after conviction on an OWI 1st, you are also immediately eligible. However, once you are revoked after a conviction on an OWI 2nd, 3rd, etc., you have to wait 45 days after you are convicted before you can become eligible for an occupational license. The number of days changes when an OWI involves bodily injury, great bodily harm, or homicide. It also changes if there is a chemical test refusal.

An occupational license will limit you to the number of hours you can drive, where you can drive, and your purposes for driving. During a one-week period, your actual driving time is limited to 12 hours per day and 60 hours per week. While you may not be limited to a certain number of counties you can drive in, you must list all of the counties that you intend to drive in over the next six months. If you are caught driving outside one of those counties, you can be found to be outside the limits of your occupational and charged with operating while suspended or operating while revoked.

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Occupational License for Homemaker or Employment

Your purposes for driving will be limited to employment, school, homemaking, church, and providing emergency services. If you are going to list an occupation, you must also list who your employer is. If you are doing schooling and need to drive for that, you must list where you are enrolled in school. You will be setting specific hours for when you are driving to and from work and school, but you will also be setting specific hours for homemaking and church. If you need to grocery shop, pick up dry cleaning, and buy flowers each week, you will have a set time to do so.

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