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This 2018 Wisconsin dui law change creates a lifetime ban for convicted drunk drivers

New 2018 Law Change to OWI 4th Offenses: Lifetime Driver’s License Revocation

2018 law change for 4th offense drunk driving in WisconsinOn March 28 and 29, 2018, Governor Scott Walker enacted and published a new law for those convicted of a OWI 4th offense or higher. This is 2017 Senate Bill 135, which published 2017 Wisconsin Act 172.

Under the new law, those convicted of an OWI 4th offense or higher will have their driving privileges revoked for life if the previous offense was within 15 years. Offenders will not be eligible for an occupational license, but they may apply for reinstatement of their license 10 years after the conviction. In order to reinstate, the driver must file and maintain proof of financial responsibility for the future.

These specific requirements can be found in Wisconsin Statute 344.24. In order to further qualify for reinstatement, the driver must not have been convicted of another OWI related offense in that 10-year waiting period, and they have to comply with an assessment for use of drugs or alcohol 45 days before the request.

This lifetime revocation can also apply in cases where a driver has two convictions of either vehicle-related crimes that are considered felonies (i.e. certain OWIs involving injury) or violations of 940.06, 940.09, or 940.10, which are homicide offenses in which a vehicle is used. However, there are different timeline requirements for this.

You Are Only Guilty If You Are Convicted

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Now that someone’s license can be revoked for lifetime, the penalties for operating after revocation have also changed. For a first offense, the potential penalties have been increased to a $2500.00 fine or one-year jail or both if the revocation was due to an OWI related offense. For a second offense, the potential penalties involve a $10,000.00 fine or one-year jail, or both.

Wisconsin is cracking down on OWI offenses, make sure you get a great defense by contacting our award-winning team of former prosecutors today! You are only guilty if you are convicted.

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By: Attorney Tom Grieve on 03/06/2020

Tom Grieve is a former prosecutor who now runs a successful Wisconsin criminal defense law firm with offices in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Madison. If are facing new charges initial phone consultations are free: contact online or call 262-786-7100.

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