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Glendale-Whitefish Bay Criminal Defense Attorneys

Glendale, Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers for OWI and Drug charges

Our attorneys at Grieve Law are specially equipped to handle all sorts of criminal defense cases in the North Shore and Milwaukee County. Have you been charged with a felony drug case in Milwaukee County? Our attorneys have strategy and experience to get you through to the other side of your case as successfully as possible. OWI in Whitefish Bay in municipal court? The answer is the exact same. We take on our cases with ferocity regardless of how minor an officer tells you your charges are. 

Many times, prosecutors will hand you an offer and give you a deadline trying to convince you that this is the best offer in hopes that you do not fight your case. No case is perfect, and if an officer’s conduct is bad enough, it may lead to a much different result. It is important to have attorneys who will comb through every bit of evidence that exists. We will not take your money and walk you into a hearing for a guilty plea. We will go down every possible avenue for your case in the North Shore and Milwaukee County to get you the best outcome possible. Our attorneys win awards for the results they get. Those results can be reduced charges or even full dismissals. We do not take your money with the intention of pleading you out, we are smart and fight hard for the best outcome possible. 

During a lot of calls we receive, the person says, “I’m guilty.” While you may have committed the crime they are alleging, you still have constitutional rights, and it is our job to defend those. There may also be very valid defenses to your actions that need to be addressed in a court of law as well. Our award-winning team of attorneys will work incredibly hard to do everything we can to reduce or dismiss your charges even if you did commit the crime. You are only guilty if you are convicted. 

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Your rights are not the only thing that need to stay intact, your reputation also needs to be intact, and that can be reflected in your record. Your criminal case will be publicly available through Wisconsin’s CCAP system where employers, friends, and family can have access to what is going on in your case. When we get charges dismissed, they will come off of CCAP after two years, and we will do everything we can to get you to that point. 

Our Milwaukee County criminal defense attorneys have taken serious felony charges and walked out of court with a disorderly conduct ticket, or even a full dismissal. Not only can we negotiate for great outcomes, but we can also take your case to trial and argue it in front of a jury! Grieve Law has the criminal defense attorneys that Whitefish Bay, Bayside, and the rest of Milwaukee County trust with their life-changing cases. 

It is important to trust your case to a privately retained attorney who will fight for and be aggressive with your case. Do not pay someone to just get you to a plea deal. You need the best firm in the North Shore, and that is Grieve Law. Our attorneys have experienced training in a large number of areas and know how to defend your case in the best manner possible. Our Whitefish Bay and Bayside defense attorneys use legal study, tact, and their experience to develop the best ways to defend your case. 

OWI criminal defense attorneys that the North Shore can rely on

Our attorneys handle anywhere from a first offense OWI to any felony-level OWI case. Any conviction for an OWI can land you in a place with high fines, driver’s license revocation, higher insurance rates, and limits on travelling internationally. They can also land you in jail or prison if the case is serious enough! These cases are incredibly complicated and come with serious penalties if you are convicted. 

When a case comes with complications, there is a lot of room for mistakes by police! Our attorneys have litigated OWI cases at the trial court and Court of Appeals levels. We have represented underage kids, motorcyclists, boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and those who get in trouble even after an OWI conviction. We fight OWI cases every step of the way and are not afraid of trial or even further litigation. 

Our attorneys in Mequon and the surrounding North Shore look into the unique, specific details of your case. The very specific details in your case could mean the difference between time in prison and a fully dismissed case. Our criminal defense attorneys in the North Shore and Milwaukee County give your case the care and time that your case deserves. While we have dealt with thousands of OWI cases, every single one is different. The result of your case depends entirely on how hard your attorney works and how determined they are. You want to give yourself the best chance possible with the best attorney possible. The attorneys at Grieve Law are the ones you need. 

Whether you have an OWI in Germantown or charges for smuggling drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroinprescription drugs in Whitefish Bay, we will work very hard to ensure that your constitutional rights are intact. You are only guilty if you are convicted. 

We offer flexible payment plans, reasonable rates, and free consultations so that you have access to the best North Shore criminal defense attorney at a price you can work with. 

Whether you are facing prison time, a fine for a speeding ticket, or a misdemeanor charge with potential jail time, contact Grieve Law for a free consultation to talk about how we may get your case reduced or dismissed.
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