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Most people do not expect that they will ever need to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent themselves or someone they love. But bad things happen to good people, and sometimes you may find yourself in need of excellent defense. Our attorneys at Grieve Law know that even good people have bad days and that one bad decision or mistake does not have to negatively impact your future.

Whether you're facing:

...our experienced and knowledgeable Waukesha attorneys can apply the law to the facts of your case to put you in the best position possible to limit the impact your bad day will have on the rest of your life.

From speeding tickets in Municipal Court to high-level felony offenses for car accidents resulting in injury, our attorneys will evaluate your case and work to find the best defenses for you. Many times, a prosecutor will reach out and make an offer for you to resolve your case. Without the help and guidance of a skilled attorney, you may find yourself accepting guilt and punishment for an offense that may have defenses. It is important to hire an attorney who focuses on criminal law to evaluate your case and make sure that you are taking the best steps possible for your future. Grieve Law is not a Fee to Plea law firm.

You are only guilty if you are convicted. 

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Often a client will call us confused about whether to hire an attorney because they believe they are guilty of the crime they are accused of. Just because you were pulled over, arrested for OWI, and blew above a .08 does not mean that the police followed all of the legal procedures that they needed to follow in order to properly arrest you and charge you for the offense. You have rights under the Constitution, and if the police violate your rights, it could result in the complete dismissal of your case. You need an experienced attorney to review your case and determine whether the police took the steps they needed to take or whether their actions violated your rights.

Any conviction for a criminal or traffic offense can have long-lasting impacts on your finances, your employment, and your reputation. Don't leave those up to chance. Contact our award-winning team of Waukesha attorneys to make sure that you get the best defense possible to avoid unnecessary penalties in your case.

Our skilled and knowledgeable Waukesha attorneys have a proven track record of getting felony charges reduced to misdemeanors or municipal citations, or even outright dismissed. A thorough review of your case and application of the law to your facts can put you in the best position possible to avoid a wrongful conviction and limit consequences on your life.

Contact our attorneys today to discuss the details of your case. Those details, and the right attorney, can be the difference between a lifetime of difficulty getting a job or reduced salaries, and removal of the record of your arrest in its entirety.  You are only guilty if you are convicted.
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